Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some brief answers to the most common questions we get asked. If there's something else on your mind, drop us a line - we're happy to help you.

Can I afford a solar system?

If you have an energy bill above a certain amount, you can afford it. The beauty of a properly designed solar system is that it will partly or even fully pay for itself out of the savings it generates - even if you can't pay up front and need to finance the purchase.

Can I afford a solar battery?

If you've got solar and are exporting too much energy whilst unable to increase your self-consumption any further, you should consider a battery. Just like a well-designed solar system, a battery will help pay for itself out of the savings it generates.

What's a good feed-in tariff?

The biggest savings will come from self-consuming your solar energy, not exporting. Feed-in tariffs (FIT) are trending lower, so we suggest selecting an energy plan that has sharp consumption rates and supply charges, not focusing on FIT alone.

What's the best electricity plan?

It's impossible to say as offers are constantly changing and depend on where you're located and property type. The best comparison tool is the Australian Government's Energy Made Easy website. It's free and lists every plan on the market.

Should I buy the biggest system I can?

Bigger /= better! There is little point in having a huge solar system if you don't have the consumption to warrant it - you'll simply be exporting lots of excess energy. A well designed system should closely match your household energy needs.

What are the best products to buy?

Battery and solar energy products are designed to be a long-term investment. Check independent reviews, buy the best you can afford, and look for brands that have an established local presence, commitment to R&D, and long warranties.

Should I pay upfront or finance?

It depends. Paying upfront is usually simplest, but if that's not possible for you finance can also be an easy alternative. Fortunately, a well-designed battery or solar system will partly or fully pay for itself out of the savings it generates.

What are STCs?

Small-scale Technology Certificates are the Australian Government incentive available for installing solar. Each system is granted a certain amount of STCs depending on postcode and size. We give you the incentive as an upfront discount.

Can I claim/sell STCs myself?

Yes, you can sell STCs yourself - but it's almost never worth it for the time it takes. The government makes it very difficult for a system owner to 'DIY' trade STCs. Instead, we do it all for you and give you the incentive as an upfront discount.

How much is the deposit?

Our standard deposit is 10% of the total price (including GST, after STC discount) paid on acceptance of proposal. If you're paying the balance by direct deposit, 40% is due 48 hours prior to installation and remaining balance on day of completion.

What is a green loan?

Some finance companies offer special loans that can only be used for products like solar panels, batteries, EV chargers, and so on. They usually have a sharp interest rate with terms from 2-9 years. Our preferred green loan partner is Brighte.

When will my repayments start?

You'll receive an SMS and email notification from Brighte in the days following install completion. From there, repayments typically start in two weeks and will be debited every fortnight. You can make extra repayments with no fees or penalties.

What is the workmanship warranty?

Unless otherwise specified, workmanship warranty is 5 years. Workmanship is basically everything our legendary installers do to actually install the system such as running the cabling, sealing roof penetrations, mounting the inverter, etc.

How long is the product warranty?

Unless otherwise specified, product warranties are:
- Panels: 25 years
- Inverters: 10 years
Batteries: 10 years
For full warranty terms refer to your contract.

Can a third-party work on my system?

Generally speaking, a third-party tradesperson doing work on, removing, or refitting your system will void your warranties. Some activities (such as solar panel cleaning) are fine as long as they're professionally carried out.

How can I make a warranty claim?

Our team are here to assist you in the very unlikely event that you need to claim on your warranty. Contact us with  a detailed description of the issue and photos showing any error, and we'll respond within 2 business days to process your claim.

Does my system need to be serviced?

Not as such. Your user manual will guide you through basic checks that anyone can perform to ensure your system is operating correctly. Beyond this, we recommend keeping your panels clean for optimal performance, especially if near the ocean.

Is my warranty transferrable?

Your standard system warranty 'stays' with the system as it is installed at the property, meaning that if you sell your home the new owner will enjoy the balance of the warranty remaining. Any extended warranty usually needs to be transferred.