Solar Panels

Our solar panel systems are expertly designed and installed to drastically cut your energy bills. With a range of industry-leading brands on offer, we've got a solution for your property and budget.

Which solar panel is right for you?

Good - Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type

Jinko has rapidly evolved to become a renowned brand for those favouring quality at a more budget-friendly price point.

25 year product warranty

N-type monocrystalline cell technology

High salt mist resistance

475W power

Better - REC TwinPeak 5

REC is widely recognised as the best solar panel brand in the world, with all product proudly manufactured in Singapore.

25 year product warranty

P-type monocrystalline cell technology

All black (silhouette) panel + frame

400W power

Best - REC Alpha Pure-R

REC is widely recognised as the best solar panel brand in the world, with all product proudly manufactured in Singapore.

25 year product warranty

Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology

All black (silhouette) panel + frame

420W power

Which solar inverter is right for you?

Good - Sungrow SG2.0-10RS

Sungrow has rapidly evolved into one of the largest inverter brands in the world, with solid Australian support and a great reputation.

10 year product warranty

Low startup voltage for high total yield

24/7 online and on-display monitoring

Sizes from 2kW to 10kW (single phase)

Better - SMA Sunny Boy

SMA is a highly reputable German-engineered solar inverter brand, with over 750,000 units installed in Australia alone.

10 year product warranty

Proprietary ShadeFix technology

24/7 online monitoring

Sizes from 1.5kW to 6kW (single phase)

Best - Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus

Fronius is widely recognised as the best inverter manufacturer globally, with all products being manufactured in Austria.

10 year product warranty

Use PVPoint + battery backup power

24/7 online monitoring with forecast

Sizes from 3kW to 10kW (single phase)

Let's face it, you're probably paying too much for energy

We know what it's like - the feeling of dread every quarter as your energy bill arrives.

Getting solar panels is the first step to freeing yourself from crazy energy bills and reducing your dependence on the grid.

Instead of constantly purchasing electricity from the grid, you'll be getting your energy free from the sun, helping to power your home and energy intensive devices. You'll also get a credit for any excess you feed back to the grid.

Solar panels don't just save you money, they add value

The trend is clear: Australians are paying increasingly more for homes with renewable energy technology.

Investing in solar panels not only saves you money through smaller electricity bills, but adds value to your property too. According to Domain, an energy efficient home can be worth up to $125,000 more at sale time. Now that's adding value!

How much can I actually save with solar panels?

Why choose renewture for your solar system?

We love selling and installing solar.
Let our renewable energy experts show you:

How much solar panels can save you off your energy bill
Why solar panels add value to your property
Which solar panel brands are best for your home and budget
How you can get solar panels at no upfront cost

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There was a crazy level of detail given about our options. It just made sense to choose them - so glad we did.

Ben, Lennox Head

From the first visit I felt at ease. No pressure, just a clear explanation about what we could realistically save.

Lucy, Oakville

The installer's workmanship and attention to detail was great, even answering my annoying questions!

Ian, Cremorne

Our installer was super friendly and made sure the inverter and battery was exactly where we wanted it to be.

Josh, Gosford

Haven't purchased yet but will be once our house is finished. Great detailed proposal and explanation of savings.

Sue, Adamstown

Great explanation on my battery options to add to my solar. Love the back up power in blackouts and monitoring app.

Hieu, Gordon

Don't let your bills go up, and up, and up...forever

Our solar and battery solutions can reduce your energy bills up to 80%. Over the (long!) life of your system, that's tens of thousands of dollars saved. Plus, you'll be adding value to your home.