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About Jinko

Jinko is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer, founded in 2006 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010. Headquartered in Shanghai, Jinko has become respected for its budget friendly panels and produces huge volumes globally - having surpassed a milestone of 200gW of solar panels shipped (yes, giga-watts!) in November 2023

Are Jinko Solar Panels High Quality?

Unlike many value brands, we would recommend Jinko if your budget can’t stretch to more premium solar panel brands like REC. Jinko solar panels perform well for their price point, and are backed up by a decent warranty.

For a value brand, Jinko has a strong focus on quality, having stacked up a whole bunch of certifications and awards - including being awarded as a top performer in PV Evolution Labs PV Module Reliability Scorecard again in 2023.

Is Jinko a Well Supported Solar Panel Brand in Australia?

Jinko is well represented in Australia, with the solar panel manufacturer having a local head office for sales and support in Sydney, as well as a steadily-growing network of accredited solar installers that use and recommend their panels.

Jinko solar panels are also distributed by a number of large solar wholesalers throughout Australia, meaning they’re a proven performer after installation in all Australian conditions.

About Jinko Tiger NEO N-Type Solar Panels

The Tiger NEO N-Type is one of the latest Jinko models on the market. Now with a beefy 475W rating, you can more easily achieve a total system size from fewer panels. For instance, a 6.65kW system would only be 14x panels, as opposed to 15-17x panels being required with a lower power class rating panel.

Whilst it does have a black frame, the Jinko Tiger Neo is not strictly an 'all black' panel.

Pros and Cons of Jinko Tiger NEO N-Type Solar Panels

Pros - Why We Recommend Jinko Tiger NEO N-Type Solar Panels

  • High 475W power class means more power from fewer panels
  • Great value option if your budget does not allow more premium brands
  • Better cell technology than P-type panels
  • High salt resistance - great for installationsnear the coast

Cons - Why You Might Consider Other Options Than Jinko Tiger NEO N-Type Solar Panels

  • White backing sheet - ie. not an ‘all black’ panel
  • Not as strong as REC panels
  • Brand doesn’t have the prestige of REC

Available Jinko Tiger NEO N-Type Solar Panel Sizes

Currently, the Jinko Tiger NEO N-Type solar panel is only available in 475W power class.

Power [power of each panel - multiply by number of panels for total system size]


Efficiency [panel’s ability to turn light into electricity]

up to 22.01%

Temp coefficient [% of power output lost as temperature rises above 25℃]


Tested wind load [ability to withstand high winds]


Dimensions LxWxD [the bigger panels are, the less you may be able to fit]

1906 x 1134 x 30mm

Weight [heavier panels increase installation cost and structural loading]


Product Warranty [covers faults with the product assembly/manufacturing]

25 years

Performance Warranty [at least 98% of nominal power in first year, then <=0.4%/year degradation]

30 years

Manufactured in


Thinking Jinko solar panels?

Slash your energy bills by up to 80%
Protect yourself from rising energy prices
Get battery backup power during blackouts

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