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8kW Solar System Overview

An 8kW solar system is larger than the average residential solar system in Australia, which is the ubiquitous 6.6kW.

We’re usually providing 8kW systems to clients with larger dwellings or decent sized sheds, who consume a fair amount of energy.

An 8kW solar system is usually more than adequate when it comes to connecting and charging a typical solar system. This is because the higher power of the system typically ensures that solar export in the shorter winter days is adequate to fully charge the battery.

What Actually Is an 8kW Solar System?

Whilst the way the industry (and consumers) refer to solar system sizing is inherently confusing, it’s easier if you understand the number quoted when referring to solar system size is actually the total PV power (solar panels) connected to the inverter. With an 8kW solar system, it’s actually 8kW of solar panels, typically connected to a 6kW, 7kW, or 8kW inverter.

Most areas of Australia only allow a 5kW inverter before export limiting is required by the DNSP (or distributor, ie. the company that owns the poles or wires). These days though, the effect of export limiting on your solar savings is typically minimal and so is nothing to be hugely concerned about.

It’s easy to calculate your system size - simply multiply the number of panels by their rated power.

For example, if you were using…

…410W panels - 19x panels would equate to a 7.79kW system size

…420W panels - 19x panels would equate to a 7.98kW system size

…475W panels - 16x panels would equate to a 7.6kW system size

The formula is easy to remember: [Panel power (kW) each] x [Number of panels].

So My Solar System Is Close to but Not Exactly 8kW Total?

Whilst you’d technically be correct if you referred to it as a 7.79kW or 7.98kW solar system, we prefer to round to the nearest closest number for the sake of simplicity when comparing systems - so 8kW.

Because you can use either a 6kW, 7kW, or 8kW solar inverter with an 8kW solar system it’s important to understand the limitations of each option.

A 6kW inverter can only have up to 6.99kW of panels connected. This is because the solar inverter is only rated to have up to 1.33 times the inverter output connected, and the federal government only allows us to claim STCs up to this amount.

For these reasons, if you opted for a 7kW or 8kW inverter for your 8kW solar system, you’d have plenty of ‘headroom’ left to add another 5 or 6 panels later on if you wanted to. It’s definitely something worth considering when choosing your inverter size, although you’ll also need to have the roof space and energy consumption to warrant it.

Is an 8kW Solar System Right for Me?

As ever, the answer depends on your property, energy consumption habits, and bill size.

Without conducting a proper assessment of your bills and property it’s really difficult to conclusively say.

Generally speaking though, if your energy bills are substantially higher than average, and you have enough roof space, an 8kW solar system might be suitable.

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