Solar Batteries

Adding a battery to your solar system is a great way to further reduce your energy bill. Instead of exporting your excess solar energy to the grid, you'll be able to use it at night time.

Which solar battery brand is right for you?

Good - Redback Smart Battery System

Redback have become known as a brand with strong local support, making them a favourite amongst installers.

10 year product warranty

24/7 blackout protection

High salt mist resistance

Sizes from 7.6-14.2kWh capacity

Better - Sungrow SBR HV

Already a market leader for their high quality solar inverters, Sungrow batteries are gaining popularity as a premium option.

10 year product warranty

24/7 blackout protection

Safe LiFePO battery cells

Stackable for 6.4-25.6kWh capacity

Best - Tesla Powerwall 2

Just like their cars, Tesla is widely recognised by installers and homeowners as the best battery you can buy.

10 year product warranty

24/7 blackout protection

100% depth of discharge

13.5kWh capacity

Enjoy your solar energy at night, when you really need it

One of the problems with solar in 2024 is that if you don't self-consume most of your energy, you're letting the excess generation go to waste. Your energy retailer is probably paying a feed-in tariff (FIT) that's a fraction of what you used to get.

Adding a battery to your solar system protects you from falling feed-in tariffs. You'll be able to store your excess solar generation to consume at night or even use during a blackout, saving you from purchasing power at a peak rate.

24/7 protection from blackouts

There's nothing worse than being stuck at home and having to sit through a blackout, especially when you need power.

Adding a battery to your solar system allows you to have certain electrical circuits connected to optional backup power, meaning that you'll be able to enjoy your stored energy even when the grid's out.

Why choose renewture for your battery?

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How to integrate your battery with solar

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Don't let your bills go up, and up, and up...forever

Our solar and battery solutions can reduce your energy bills up to 80%. Over the (long!) life of your system, that's tens of thousands of dollars saved. Plus, you'll be adding value to your home.