Tesla Solar Batteries

Tesla Powerwall 2

About Tesla

Renowned for their high quality vehicles as much as their renegade CEO (and the world’s richest man) Elon Musk, if there’s a solar battery brand that everyone knows, it’s Tesla.

Whilst Tesla as a company has only been around for 20 or so years, it’s quickly become one of the most valuable companies in the world with a market capitalisation as at February 2024 of over AUD$900bn - ie. huge!

Are Tesla Solar Batteries High Quality?

Tesla is the one ‘halo’ solar battery brand that just about everyone has heard of. If you mention that you’ve had a solar battery installed to a layperson, they’re likely to respond “a Tesla?”

When it comes to design, their solar batteries have set the bar that most competitors are simply trying to follow -  just like their vehicles.

Is Tesla a Well Supported Solar Battery Brand in Australia?

As we’ve mentioned, Tesla is a huge (almost trillion dollar!) company. They’re incredibly well resourced and when it’s no different comes to supporting their solar batteries in Australia.

Their Powerwall range is widely distributed, and Tesla have their own sales and support team throughout the country. This should give any consumer who is considering investing in a Tesla product peace of mind that they’ll be around for many years to come for support and warranty.

About Tesla Powerwall Solar Batteries

When it comes to batteries for your solar, Tesla keep it very simple. There’s currently only one home battery available in one size, and that’s the Tesla Powerwall - also known as the Tesla Powerwall II.

The second generation of the Tesla Powerwall is a sleek looking thing, and arguably the best looking battery on the market. There’s no ugly exposed wires or components which is a great feature if you have dogs that love chewing wiring or kids that think they’re mini-electricians.

If you need to, the Powerwall is also stackable up to 10 times. That’s right, you could have up to 10x Powerwalls (or 135kWh of storage) if you had the space and the budget!

We think the Powerwall is still the best looking battery on the market!

Pros and Cons of Tesla Powerwall Solar Batteries

Pros - Why We Recommend Tesla Powerwall Solar Batteries

  • They’re objectively the best looking home battery you can buy
  • Stackable - add up to another 9x Powerwalls for 10x total installed
  • Beefy storage capacity of 13.5kWh
  • Properly rated to be mounted indoor or outdoors
  • Can be installed floor or wall-mounted
  • 24/7 backup protection from blackouts
  • Great monitoring app

Cons - Why You Might Consider Other Options Than Tesla Powerwall Solar Batteries

  • Premium price point means not suitable for all budgets
  • Only one size available means may not be suitable for all applications

Available Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery Sizes

The Tesla Powerwall 2 comes in just one size - 13.5kWh.

Energy capacity [how much energy the battery can store]

13.5 kWh

Depth of discharge [how much of this stored energy it can discharge]

100% - 90% round trip efficiency

Power [how much it can output]

7kW peak, 5kW continuous

Size LxWxD
1150 x 753 x 147mm

114 kg

Thinking Tesla solar batteries?

Slash your energy bills by up to 80%
Protect yourself from rising energy prices
Get battery backup power during blackouts

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