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About Sungrow

Sungrow has quickly grown to become one of the highest selling inverter and battery brands in Australia.

Originally founded by a Chinese professor in 1997, it’s now firmly in the top selling brands in the world, having manufactured well over 100GW (yes, gigawatts!) of product and controlling some 15% of market share globally.

Are Sungrow Solar Inverters High Quality?

Yes, they are. Sungrow solar inverters, despite being made in China, have proven to be well-suited to Australian conditions and is now the most popular brand sold by volume.

Many customers ask us whether Sungrow solar inverters are ‘better’ than other premium brands like Fronius, especially given they come at a more competitive price point.

We think that Sungrow solar inverters represent excellent value, but it’s important to remember that Fronius are manufactured in Europe and Fronius also have some additional features in the GEN24 range that Sungrow simply don’t offer.

Is Sungrow a Well Supported Solar Inverter Brand in Australia?

As we’ve mentioned, Sungrow has now become a huge player in the solar inverter market worldwide. Sungrow has grown their market presence since arriving in Australia in 2012, with a sales and support office in Sydney and staff around the country.

Because Sungrow is widely distributed by a handful of solar wholesalers, a huge number of installers have used their solar inverters around the country - proving that they can withstand the extremes of the Australian weather.

When it comes to warranty, Sungrow is one of the few brands that offers an extendable warranty (up to 20 years) for an extra cost. In our experience Sungrow’s local support engineering team are more than happy to get hands on with supporting installers and system owners when it comes to technical issues with their solar inverters.

About Sungrow SG RS and RT Solar Inverters

Sungrow have had a number of different generation inverters on the market in Australia. The latest iteration of their string inverters for residential properties are the RS and RT series. It’s easy to differentiate the two - the S in RS stands for single phase, and the T in RT stands for three phase.

All of the RS and RT inverters look sleek, though bonus points go to the RS inverters with a small digital display for ease of use like checking production and so forth. On the RT, however, this is all done via Sungrow’s iSolarCloud monitoring app - more on this later.

One thing we love about Sungrow’s RS and RT inverters is the warranty, which comes standard at 10 years, but can be extended (for an extra cost) by an additional 10 years. That’s a total 20 year warranty, which for a solar inverter is pretty incredible and finally brings the guaranteed life you can expect from your inverter closer to the usual 25 year panel warranty on most good brands we offer.

One other slightly confusing thing to note: a couple of the available sizes have -ADA versions available. Put simply, these are versions with a third input (MPPT) for the solar panels, and they also include a Sungrow smart meter for consumption monitoring. This means that you can avoid using optimisers for more complicated panel layout designs, which is potentially a substantial cost saving. If, however, your particular design does not require the use of a third input, there’s no real benefit other than the consumption monitoring - which you can also add as an optional extra to the non-ADA versions.

The single phase RS inverters have an easy to read digital screen...
...whereas the three phase RT inverters have a simple LED indicator.

Pros and Cons of Sungrow SG RS and RT Solar Inverters

Pros - Why We Recommend Sungrow Solar Inverters

  • Proven to be reliable performers at a more accessible price point
  • Warranty extendable up to 20 years!
  • Low startup voltage = starts earlier in the morning for more production
  • Great local support for installers and system owners alike
  • RS (single phase) models have a handy digital screen
  • iSolarCloud online monitoring is much more user friendly than some competitors
  • Third MPPT input on ADA models is very handy for certain solar designs

Cons - Why You Might Consider Other Options Than Sungrow Solar Inverters

  • RT (three phase) models lack the handy digital screen on the RS models
  • Lack of ‘inbetween’ sizes in Australia between 3kW, 5kW

Available Sungrow SG RS and RT Solar Inverter Sizes

As we’ve explained, the models ending in RS are single phase, where as models ending in RT are three phase. Most of the time a single phase inverter is perfectly fine to use on a three phase property, and does not impact your solar savings.

The largest single phase RS inverter available is 10kW. Only the RT three phase inverters are available beyond this.

Sungrow SG RS (Single Phase) Inverters

SG2.0RS-S (2kW)

SG3.0RS (3kW)

SG5.0RS (5kW)

SG5.0RS-ADA (5kW)

SG8.0RS (8kW)

SG10RS (10kW)

Sungrow SG RT (Three Phase) Inverters







Thinking Sungrow solar inverters?

Slash your energy bills by up to 80%
Protect yourself from rising energy prices
Get battery backup power during blackouts

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Sungrow SG2.0RS-S
Sungrow SG3.0RS, SG5.0RS
Sungrow SG5.0RS-ADA, SG8.0RS, SG10RS
Sungrow SG5.0RT, SG7.0RT, SG8.0RT, SG10RT
Sungrow SG5.0RT, SG7.0RT, SG8.0RT, SG10RT