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About Redback

Redback is an Aussie battery storage company founded in 2015, making them somewhat unique in a solar and battery marketplace dominated by foreign companies.

Redback’s strong focus on R&D and local after-sales support has also seen them win the hearts and minds of heaps of solar battery installers, many of whom are unimpressed with the lack of support from other manufacturers.

Redback’s investors include the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Energy Australia, and Goodwe, just to name a few. It’s great to see an Australian company that’s building a solid reputation, and we hope there will be more that follow in Redback’s footsteps.

Are Redback Solar Batteries High Quality?

Redback batteries are indeed high quality, backed up by a solid 10 year product warranty. Redback has plenty of 5-star reviews for their products on various independent sites.

Like most batteries on the market, the product itself is made in China, but what’s different about Redback is that they’re actually designed and engineered locally here in Australia.

Is Redback a Well Supported Solar Battery Brand in Australia?

Yes, Redback batteries are very well supported in Australia. We’ve personally dealt with Redback a number of times with some installation and post-installation questions and have been blown away by their Aussie support each time. It’s certainly something that many of Redback’s competitors would be wise to emulate.

As we’ve not had a warranty claim yet for a Redback battery we can’t speak to that process, but if our interactions with their support team are anything to go by we anticipate it’d be fairly straightforward.

About Redback Smart Battery System Solar Batteries

We proudly offer the Redback SB (Smart Battery System) retrofit or AC-coupled models. These are available in 7.2kWh, 9.6kWh, and 14.2kWh sizes - although you should be aware that the usable storage is actually slightly lower than those ‘headline’ figures.

It’s been said that the Redback SB models of all sizes aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing option on the market when compared with say, a Tesla Powerwall, but they certainly function perfectly well and can save you substantial amounts off your energy bill, assuming you have adequate solar export to charge them.

Redback SB batteries exemplify function over form !

There’s a couple of things to be aware of with Redback batteries before you buy.

Firstly, unlike Sungrow batteries and some others on the market, Redback SB batteries are not ‘modular’, meaning that you can’t just add extra battery packs for more storage. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the size of the battery is right for your consumption and solar export levels - not too little, not too big is a good mantra in this regard!

Secondly, Redback SB batteries form factor is substantially heavier and larger than some competitors - careful measurements should be taken to ensure that you have adequate space. They also can’t be wall mounted, so are unsuitable for uneven surfaces - level cement paving would be required in such circumstances.

Pros and Cons of Redback SB Solar Batteries

Pros - Why We Recommend Redback SB Solar Batteries

  • Aussie company that’s growing fast - feels great to support them
  • 24/7 backup protection from blackouts
  • Online monitoring (in-browser) is solid
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Huge temperature operating range between -20 and +60 degrees C

Cons - Why You Might Consider Other Options Than Redback SB Solar Batteries

  • Big, beefy units that can only be floor-mounted
  • Not modular - ie. can’t add additional battery packs
  • MYRedback iOS monitoring app has a pretty average rating

Available Redback SB Solar Battery Sizes

Redback SB solar batteries come in three variants, the SB7200 (7.2kWh), SB9600 (9.6kWh), and SB14200 (14.2kWh).

Energy capacity [how much energy the battery can store]

7.6kWh (SB7200)

9.6kWh (SB9600)

14.2kWh (SB14200)

Depth of discharge [how much of this stored energy it can discharge]


Power [how much it can output]

3.3kW (SB7200)

4.5kW (SB9600/SB14200)

Size HxWxD

1247 x 545 x 370mm (SB7200)

1655 x 545 x 370mm (SB9600/SB14200)


130kg (SB7200)

165kg (SB9600)

203kg (SB14200)

Thinking Redback solar batteries?

Slash your energy bills by up to 80%
Protect yourself from rising energy prices
Get battery backup power during blackouts

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Download Data Sheets

Redback SB7200, SB9600, SB14200