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About the Central Coast

The Central Coast of New South Wales is one of the fastest-growing population centres in Australia, and now almost an extension of Sydney. Before and especially during COVID, many Sydney residents made the move to the Central Coast to take advantage of the beautiful regional beach, lake, or hinterland lifestyle on offer, as well as more reasonable property prices.

Geographically, the Central Coast lies just north of Sydney, starting from the Hawkesbury River in the south, running to the southern end of Lake Macquarie in the north, and to the Watagan Mountains in the west. The Central Coast includes the larger towns of Gosford, Terrigal, The Entrance, and Woy Woy. The Central Coast is now the 3rd most populous urban area in New South Wales and 9th overall in Australia.

We perform solar panel, battery, and EV charger installations in all areas of the Central Coast - as well as nearby areas of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle & the Hunter Valley.

The Central Coast Climate and Solar Installations

The Central Coast has a humid subtropical climate. Winter tends to be driest on the Central Coast, with rainfall spread fairly evenly through the remainder of the year, and sporadic storms (sometimes severe) usually occurring during summer.

Despite the fairly benign climate, there can be challenges when installing solar on the Central Coast. The main issues we see are shading from the many trees or bushland areas neighbouring residential areas, as well as salt spray for those living right on the coast. These issues can usually be mitigated with proper system design and the use of correctly rated components.

Our team are Central Coast locals and understand the importance of proper solar and battery system design and installation techniques to combat the weather that we see in the region and protect your investment.

What Types of Solar and Battery Systems Are Popular on the Central Coast?

The Central Coast has a real diversity of housing, with newer build beach-side mansions through to humble fibro workers cottages, and everything in-between.

In the new-build housing estates, we are seeing many clients who want to retrofit a battery to their existing modern solar system, or install a wholly new integrated solar and battery system.

For clients with older homes and smaller roofs, we are usually able to design a solar system that will still produce great results from limited roof space.

What Rules Apply to Having Solar and Battery Systems Connected and Installed on the Central Coast?

Ausgrid operates the electricity network (as distributor or DNSP) for just about everyone on the Central Coast. Whilst they don’t sell you electricity per se, they do control who is allowed (or not allowed!) to connect a solar or battery system to their grid. This means you must get permission to connect before the system is installed.

You do not need council or DA approval for rooftop solar installations on the Central Coast.

What Rebates or Incentives Exist for Solar or Battery Installations on the Central Coast?

If you’re installing a new solar system on the Central Coast, you’ll likely be eligible as a Zone 3 household in the Australian Government’s Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) solar incentive. This incentive can be many thousands of dollars, and depends on the size of the system you’re having installed.

As part of our proposal, we’ll let you know exactly how much the STC solar incentive is for your system. We then give this to you as an upfront discount and then claim the money back from the government later.

Thinking batteries or solar panels on the Central Coast?

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