Solar Panels Sydney

About Sydney

Sydney is the largest city in New South Wales and Australia, stretching from a beautiful and famous coastline and harbour in the east - hence Sydney's nickname 'The Emerald City' - to the UNESCO World Heritage Blue Mountains in the west, fringed by pristine bushland to the north and south. Sydney is Australia’s most populous city with over 5.3 million people calling Sydney home. Speaking of homes, Sydney is also Australia’s most expensive residential property market, with a median house price of nearly $1.5m!

Like just about everywhere else in Australia though, Sydneysiders pay too much for electricity - so solar is usually a great solution to help reduce or eliminate energy bills - but care must be taken with design and installation to ensure a proper return on your investment and system longevity.

Sydney's a big, spread out city, but we're proud to install solar panels, batteries, and EV chargers no matter where you are. We also service the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, and Newcastle further north.

The Sydney Climate and Solar Installations

Sydney has a humid subtropical climate. The more moderate temperatures tend to be experienced closer to the ocean, and the more extreme hot and cold temperatures tend to be felt further away from the coast.

Sydney’s western suburbs tend to be hotter in summer as the sea breeze usually doesn’t reach them, so higher bills from frequent air conditioner use are common. Conversely, the western suburbs of Sydney are also colder in winter and therefore heating is often used. Energy usage aside, the newer suburbs of western Sydney tend to have large roofs that are practically ideal for solar, as well as fewer shading issues from neighbouring trees.

Sydney’s eastern suburbs tend to be a bit cooler in summer due to the coastal sea breeze, and warmer in winter. We do tend to see smaller and/or trickier to access roofs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, as well as more shading from trees. Installations on prestige properties in Sydney can often require scaffolding or special safety infrastructure.

What Types of Solar and Battery Systems Are Popular in Sydney?

We install many different types of solar and battery systems in Sydney. The mix of products we offer is as diverse as the population and housing types throughout the whole city.

For larger prestige properties, we’re commonly installing high quality solar and battery systems like REC, Fronius, and Tesla. For smaller to average homes, many of our clients request quality 4kW, 5kW or 6.6kW solar systems with the option to add a battery later on.

What Rules Apply to Having Solar and Battery Systems Connected and Installed in Sydney?

Depending on where you are in Sydney, the electricity network operator (usually called distributor or DNSP) will be either Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy. These companies control what solar and battery systems are allowed to be connected to the grid in Sydney. We’re experienced in navigating the often tricky connection approval process for your solar system with both, meaning you’ll enjoy your solar savings quicker.

You do not need DA or council approval for most homes in Sydney to install rooftop solar, although special approval may be required if your property is heritage-listed.

What Rebates or Incentives Exist for Solar or Battery Installations in Sydney?

When it comes to the Australian Government’s Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) solar incentive for new installations, you’ll probably be eligible as a Zone 3 household. This incentive is generous and can be many thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the system you’re having installed.

When drafting your proposal, we’ll calculate the exact amount of STC solar incentive you’ll be eligible for. We then offer this incentive to you as an up front discount, and claim the funds back from the government at a later date.

Thinking batteries or solar panels in Sydney?

Slash your energy bills by up to 80%
Protect yourself from rising energy prices
Get battery backup power during blackouts