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About Newcastle

The Newcastle and Hunter Valley region of New South Wales includes the beautiful and historic beachside city and port of Newcastle and stretches all the way up the Hunter Valley, home to many ‘mines and vines’ - coal mining and wineries being two of the largest industries in the region.

The Newcastle region runs from the northern side of Lake Macquarie in the south to Port Stephens in the north, and as far west as the upper Hunter towns of Scone and Muswellbrook. Newcastle is the 2nd most populous region in New South Wales and the 8th largest in Australia overall.

Despite being home to the largest coal loading port in the world, Newcastle and Hunter Residents have eagerly embraced solar and renewable energy to help reduce their household bills and do their part in the energy transition.

We love installing solar panels, battery, and EV charging solutions in all parts of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, plus we also service Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast.

The Newcastle Climate and Solar Installations

Newcastle has a humid subtropical climate. The coastal areas tend to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, with the more extreme hot and cold temperatures felt more frequently in the inland towns further up the Hunter Valley.

As with the Central Coast, the winter months tend to be the driest time in Newcastle with rainfall fairly evenly distributed throughout the remainder of the year. Severe storms can (and do!) occur in summer.

It’s important to use a team that understands the challenges the local climate can present from common issues like salt spray or high winds. Our team are Hunter locals and are highly experienced in designing and installing quality systems that can withstand the local weather conditions.

What Types of Solar and Battery Systems Are Popular in Newcastle?

We install many different types of solar and battery systems in Sydney. The mix of products we offer is as diverse as the population and housing types throughout the whole city.

For larger prestige properties, we’re commonly installing high quality solar and battery systems like REC, Fronius, and Tesla. For smaller to average homes, many of our clients request quality 4kW, 5kW or 6.6kW solar systems with the option to add a battery later on.

What Rules Apply to Having Solar and Battery Systems Connected and Installed in Newcastle?

The electricity network for the whole of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley is operated by Ausgrid (the distributor or DNSP). Ausgrid control who has permission to connect a solar or battery system to the grid. Our team has completed hundreds of successful grid-connection applications and have the know-how to get your solar system up and running quickly, so you can save more sooner.

You do not need DA or council approval for most homes in Newcastle to install rooftop solar, although some special heritage-listed homes may require approval.

What Rebates or Incentives Exist for Solar or Battery Installations in Newcastle?

Newcastle and the Hunter Valley is in Zone 3 for the Australian Government’s Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) solar incentive for new installations. If you’re eligible, the incentive is generous and can save you thousands. The amount of incentive varies depending on the size of the system being installed.

When we create your unique proposal, we’ll calculate the precise amount of STC solar incentive you’ll be able to receive. We then present this offer to you as an up front discount off the total price, and we’ll back the amount from the government at a later date.

Thinking batteries or solar panels in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley?

Slash your energy bills by up to 80%
Protect yourself from rising energy prices
Get battery backup power during blackouts