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About Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie lies in between the city of Newcastle and the town of Wyong, straddling both the Central Coast and City of Lake Macquarie local government areas (LGAs). Lake Macquarie is the largest coastal salt water lagoon in Australia. Lake Macquarie towns are mostly on the shores of the lake, including Toronto, Morisset, Swansea, and Warners Bay.

Despite their proximity to Australia’s largest coal-fired power station (Origin Energy’s Eraring), Lake Macquarie homeowners have enthusiastically embraced renewable energy. The most common property type is a detached dwelling (ie. house) and there has been keen uptake from local residents when it comes to solar panels.

We proudly install solar panels, batteries, and EV chargers in all suburbs and towns around Lake Macquarie, as well as the adjacent regions of the Central Coast and Newcastle.

The Lake Macquarie Climate and Solar Installations

Lake Macquarie has a humid subtropical climate. Because Lake Macquarie residents are close to the lake and ocean, they tend to get a sea breeze in summer which helps to keep temperatures fairly pleasant.

The driest time of the year in Lake Macquarie is usually the winter months, with rainfall occurring fairly evenly throughout the rest of the year. Severe storms can occur, particularly in summer.

Because of the proximity to the lake and ocean, salt spray and gale force winds can be a concern. It is crucial that your system is well-designed and installed, taking into account these particular weather factors.

Our team are Lake Macquarie locals that know the area well, ensuring that the correct componentry and techniques are used during installation. The end result is a system that will last a long time, even if salt spray is prevalent.

What Types of Solar and Battery Systems Are Popular in Lake Macquarie?

We’ve seen a significant uptick in enquiries from clients about retrofitting batteries to their solar systems in Lake Macquarie. As we’ve mentioned, many Lake Macquarie residents took advantage of their large roofs to have solar installed, so are now considering adding a battery to their system to become even more grid-independent.

There is also a considerable amount of new housing being built in the Lake Macquarie LGA. These new houses typically have at least a solar system installed, if not an integrated solar and battery system.

What Rules Apply to Having Solar and Battery Systems Connected and Installed in Lake Macquarie?

Like Newcastle, the electricity distributor (or DNSP) for the whole of Lake Macquarie is Ausgrid. When it comes to connecting a solar or battery system, permission is required from Ausgrid. Our team has completed many successful grid-connection applications through Ausgrid. We have the know-how to get your solar or battery system up and running promptly, so you can save more money sooner.

There are no council requirements for a DA or approval when it comes to installing solar panels in Lake Macquarie.

What Rebates or Incentives Exist for Solar or Battery Installations in Lake Macquarie?

Like Newcastle and the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie is located in Zone 3 for the Australian Government’s Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) solar incentive. If you’re getting a new solar installation and are eligible, the incentive can shave thousands off the cost of your system.

When we’re drafting your proposal, we’ll stipulate the exact amount of STC solar incentive you can receive. We then offer this to you as an up front discount off the total system price, and we’ll claim the money back from the government at a later date.

Thinking batteries or solar panels in Lake Macquarie?

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